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Entity Liquidation

Entity LiquidationSometimes business in Russia does not work out the way you want it. This can be caused by underperformance of the local staff, a downturn in the market or the shareholder may decide to liquidate his company for strategic reasons. If such a situation occurs, you want to be sure that the liquidation is handled efficiently and effectively and within the limits of the Russian Federation legislation.

Noble House has been active in Russia since 2001, has in-depth knowledge of Russian legislation and has assisted many Clients in Russia who faced legal challenges.

Noble House can take care of all arising issues for you such as:

  • analysis and reporting of all outstanding issues in the company to be liquidated
  • help to solve such outstanding issues
  • collect outstanding amounts from debtors via Court orders
  • we can assist with selling company’s assets
  • temporarily take over management of the company
  • deal with any staff issues that may arise (dismissal, transfer)
  • prepare all documents for liquidation of the company


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