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Noble House Services is an active member of Noble House Group of companies, and carries on its operation since 2001.

The insurance market in Russia is very complicated and nontransparent. Contrary to Europe, most of insurance companies work only through agents, offering only its own insurance products. This principle dramatically limits the freedom of your choice.

It’s very difficult to choose an insurance product for people and companies that meets their needs exactly.

Our mission is to make the selection and purchase of an insurance product easy for you, and ensure reliability and high quality of service.

Noble House Services gives you an opportunity of educated choice between the largest and most reliable Russian insurance companies. You get the best prices and conditions the insurance market of Russia can offer. We are the company with Dutch management and Western philosophy. We always stand on the customer side and we are willing to negotiate special terms in your contract of insurance.

It is important for us that when you use our company, you get professional advice on any matters of insurance. If you have any questions or need assistance in purchasing insurance, you can always contact one of our specialists, who are English speakers as well.

If you need to make changes in the policy, or to issue an addendum, to make a renewal or terminate the policy, to make another similar policy in any matter, we will be happy to assist you.

  • We provide insurance services only to enterprises.
  • We guarantee our objectivity. We place client’s interests in the first place, and we work with all insurance companies.


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