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3 technical regulations of the Customs Union entered into force

At the beginning of 2015 three technical regulations of the Customs Union come into force:
1. TR 14/2011 “Road safety”.
2. TR 018/2011 “On the safety of wheeled vehicles.”
3. TR 031/2011 “On the safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and trailers.”
TR 018/2011 entered into force on 01.01.2015.
Two other regulations TR 018/2011 and 031/2012 TR will take effect from 02.15.2015.
Starting from the specified date mandatory conformity assessment as a form of certification or declaration, will be made only within the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union.
In this case, the previously issued certificates and declarations continue to apply to set them in the period of validity, but not later than:

  • 1.09.2016 – for road-building materials and products that are subject to TR 014/2011;
  • 1.07.2016 – components for wheeled vehicles falling under the TR 018/2011;
  • 15.03.2017 – for tractors and trailers, which fall under the TR 031/2012.

Additionally, up to 01.10.2015, in respect of tractors, which before the entry into force of TR 031/2012 were not subject to mandatory conformity assessment allowed to sell such products without certificates.