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This week our company participate in the largest industry-specific expo in Eastern Europe and the CIS, ECOM Expo’14, which will be held May 21-22 2014 in Moscow, Russia. ECOM Expo`14 to become the largest professional ecommerce expo in Eastern Europe. As of now, more than 100 companies from Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine, China, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Austria and other countries to showcase their innovative technologies in Moscow on May 21-22. For two days, in two conference-halls, ECOM exhibitors shared their experience and told about their solutions for e-commerce marketing, e-commerce, logistics, payments and more.
ECOM Expo’14 housed over 100 Russian and international e-commerce companies. There was total turnout for the event over 3 500 people.
ECOM Expo’14 is the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe exhibition of technologies for e-commerce:

  • + 100 exhibitors representing the latest technology to improve the efficiency of e-commerce;
  • + 4000 of colleagues from online stores and retail;
  • 2 parallel flow statements exhibitors within the business program;
  • wonderful time (21-22 May) and place (buried in verdure VVC, Moscow).