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Noble House specializes in business services for foreign companies, which are setting up their business in Russia.

Back-officeWe offer professional help to foreign and Russian companies, provide resources and create optimal conditions for doing business inside Russia. Our team of specialists will help you to design a development concept for your company and set up a profitable business, ensuring efficiency gains from the outset.

“Back-office” means a complex of company’s departments that do not participate directly in receiving but accompanying it. These are the services which perform accounting, financial, legal, human resources and recruitment functions.

Noble House provides legal and accounting services, consulting on organizational issues, help in development and advancement on the Russian market.

Noble House puts a full range of back-office services at your disposal. Use of several sub-contractors is significantly more expensive than working with a single company, which can take responsibility for many different tasks at once.

Our approach enables you to optimize your costs and devote your energies to your core business – the reason why you came to the Russian market – without being distracted by technical and organizational issues.


Noble House Offers its Customers:


Management consulting

  • Optimizing organizational structure and improving organizational efficiency;
  • Financial management consulting;
  • Organization of planning, budget, and management and tax accounting.


Legal and financial services

  • Full support for current economic operations;
  • Design of legal schemes for business operations;
  • Preparation of documents for state registration of establishment, reorganization, and liquidation of legal entities, as well as conduct of internal corporate procedures;
  • Consultations on tax and accounting issues;
  • Drafting and review of legal documents;
  • Representing the customer in negotiations, and in conclusion of agreements and contracts;
  • Representing the customer during tax inspections;
  • Registered address for your entity


Conduct of management and tax accounting

  • Carrying out settlement and cash operations;
  • Payroll operations;
  • Settlements with suppliers and customers;
  • Tax accounting;
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports;
  • Consulting on current issues in Russian legislation as part of support for accounting and taxing;
  • Preparation and compilation of reports for the parent company in required format;
  • Preparation of accounts to international standards;


HR Services

  • HR administration;
  • Development of HR Documentation;
  • HR consulting.


IT and information support

  • support with webhosting;
  • support with webdesign;
  • daily maintenance of hardware;
  • small repairs of hardware.


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