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Euro 4 certification

Euro 4 certification certifies environmentally friendly vehicle. Such certification shall specify the number located in the exhaust of running car emissions.

The Certificate Euro 4 is available for trucks, cars and other equipment.

Such permissive certification document fully confirms the fact that the vehicle was manufactured in compliance with all requirements of the law on the protection of the environment from emissions, in which the content of hazardous substances above normal.

It should be noted that for the production of various vehicles and machines with some design features, or features of the engine, you need to design certification document at different levels (Euro 2, 3, 4 or 5).


In case of importing goods to Russia you may face the fact that custom agencies can’t define clearly what is the code of your product according to All-Russian classifier for products code (OKP) or the Commodity nomenclature for foreign economic activity (TN VED).

Or for trading in Russian Federation you must show an official paper, that your goods are not subject to mandatory certification. In these cases you should get a refusal letter.

Refusal letter – is an official document, in which is defined that this production doesn’t belong to group of products of obligatory certification in GOST R system. Refusal letter – is clarification of accredited agency that production is not subject to mandatory certification.

They consist of a letter on the paper of the agency, giving this refusal letter and imprint stamp.

In first case refusal letters are given by VNIIS (Russian Scientific Research Institute of Certification).

Refusal letters are classified depending on purposes:

- refusal letters for sanitary epidemiologic expertise;
- refusal letters for mandatory certification in GOST R system.