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Registration of entity

Registration of entityNoble House Group carries out state registration of enterprises of any legal form under Russian law.

Our main goal is to provide quality services and to save you time, we will take care of the necessary paperwork and perform the registration of the enterprise “turnkey” in the shortest possible time.

If required, we will provide a legal address.

The list of services is not limited to the registration of companies, our clients have access to all kinds of legal assistance, consulting on accounting services, tax reporting, licensing and other business activities.

Why choose Noble house Group?

  • Prompt resolution of any issues related to the registration of enterprises, the re-registration of companies, liquidation of companies, change of CEO, making changes to the constituent documents;
  • Individual approach to each client, taking into account the specifics of the organization’s activities;
  • Remote consultations for the preparation of constituent documents for registration of the company;

You can ask us a question that will get a response immediately, using the feedback form.


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