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Refusal letter

Refusal letter – is the document, which indicates that the product doesn’t need to get obligatory certification.
There are two types of refusal letter: refusal letter for trade and expository letter for customs clearance.
Refusal letter for trade issue, when the product is not in the single list of products that subject to obligatory certification/declaration. The producer/seller can provide it to customers and inspection bodies as an official prove that its product doesn’t need obligatory certification/declaration. Refusal letter for trade doesn’t valid for customs clearance.
From time to time there are disputable situations appears concerning customs requirements about providing obligatory certificates/declarations, because of there is not always clear the specification of an import goods and its HS codes and customs require certificates/declarations. If to check goods under its classification with Russian Classification of Product, it might appear that there is no need for its quality approval. In the event of such controversial issues refusal letters are executed.
Besides the letters described above there are fire safety certification document has been taken, also called “refusal fire letters” or “fire letters”.