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(Ex-Certificate) Certification of Explosion-Proof Equipment

(Ex-Certificate) Certification of Explosion-Proof Equipment Is required for electrical equipment in accordance with the GOST R certification system.

There are standards series GOST R, IEC 60079, GOST R 51330, GOST R 22782, GOST R 52 350 in the Russian Federation. Those standards govern the requirements for explosion-proof equipment in the refining, petrochemical and mining industry and in explosive atmosphere.

Certification is an integral part of the certificate of conformity GOST R.

It includes telecommunication products devices, products which are used in explosive areas with potential sources of ignition, as well as devices that operate to maintain or generate electricity (storage, production, transfer, adjustment, measurement, conversion, etc.).

Listed equipment (EX-equipment) is subject to compulsory explosion-proof certification.

Certification procedure is performed in accordance with the decision of the RF Gosstandart and Gosgortechnadzor from 19.03.03 № 28/10 About the statement of «Rules for certification of electrical equipment for explosive atmosphere».

To obtain Certification of Explosion-Proof Equipment the following documentation is required:

Instruction manual in Russian
Technical documentation (pasport) in Russian
Drawings, blueprints, design documentation of certificated product
A copy of explosion-proof certificate obtained by the applicant in the country of origin

Certification of explosion-proof Equipment is issued for 1 year, 3 years, for a batch or for a contract.