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HR & RecruitmentToday’s businesses around the world are widely using HR outsourcing which is one of the most effective tools of management. It is used as a resource to increase the financial strength of the company and its competitiveness.

The main benefit that you get as a customer – is the best combination of “quality – cost – time”. Outsourcing allows you to significantly cut costs and reduce the complexity and cost of operation of the personnel service. You will be able to fully concentrate on your core business processes and will not be distracted by the service processes.

Huge experience gained by Noble House Group over the years in the Russian market, allows us to demonstrate a high competence in international business. In the business community the company Noble House Group has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable, stable and high-performance partner, successfully combining the western style of management and administration of the Russian standards of business.

HR & RecruitmentInteraction with customers for us depends on two main points: the transparency of work and integrity. Outsourcing involves serious consideration of wishes of the customer, analyzing work situations and disputes. We keep good relationship with the customer to react immediately to changes in the situation within the team and the market.  By providing staff to our clients we are building effective relationships with employees and customers and aim for both sides to benefit from cooperation.


We offer full service solutions in the field of HR:

  • Reducing the financial and administrative costs
  • Keeping records of personnel , payroll
  • Qualitative and fast selection of experts
  • Transparency in personnel issues


HR administration

HR administration requires almost as much time and effort as accounting because personnel documents also have legal and commercial significance. HR administration involves not only the correct paperwork, but also an excellent knowledge of labor laws.

HR administrationIt is obvious that the correct HR administration may require the employer pay high costs for maintenance of HR department. Today’s Russian market has one of the priorities of survival is reducing costs and not many companies can afford to have a full HR department.

Using our services of HR administration, you will be able to significantly reduce your administrative costs and management risks. The cost of human resources outsourcing will not exceed the salary of your HR specialist and will reduce your tax obligation.  We perform HR administration strictly in compliance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation. We offer a full service of HR administration, and perform certain types of work or services in the field of HR administration.

  • Forming and maintaining personnel records
  • Building a system for the personnel records
  • Correcting mistakes in personnel documents of employees
  • Supporting on labor law and HR administration
  • Keeping personal files (forming the complete set for each employee )
  • Making documents confirming the employee’s employment
  • Issuing documents for business trips


Development of HR documentation

Many companies underestimate the importance of proper HR documentation in the company. Understanding that the correct execution of the HR documentation is very important often comes during inspections or when the company grows and becomes uncontrolled. In any case you will have to spend a lot more time and effort to create the necessary documentation than if you begin to lead HR documentation right from the creation of the company. In fact, HR documentation is necessary not only for the inspection authorities. Many HR documents help organize relationships with employees, when all the parties to the employment contract understand what they should know and responsible for.

If your company is just starting the business activity or HR documentation was not carried out at all or are you planning to open branches, we will assist you in preparing all the necessary HR documentation:


1. Registration log books:

  • The book records of the movement of labor books and inserts
  • Cash receipts and payments books on accounting forms of labor books and inserts
  • The register of orders for operating activities


2. Internal local normative acts:

  • Internal  code of labor conduct
  • The policy for personal data of employees
  • The policy on salary, bonuses, allowances
  • Labor safety regulations
  • Job Descriptions


3. HR documents:

  • Labor books
  • Employment contracts and additional agreements
  • Staff schedule
  • Orders for operating activities
  • Orders on staff (hire, transfer, dismissal , etc.)
  • Staff applications (hire, transfer, dismissal, vacations, etc.)
  • vacation schedule
  • Personal cards of T-2
  • Personal files on employees

As a result, you get a complete set of required HR documentation developed in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Proper organization of your HR documentation will give your company the following advantages:

  • Reducing labor and material costs for setting HR documentation
  • Legally correct Paperwork
  • Ability to minimize the number of documents on HR paperwork
  • Ensure strict compliance to the requirements of labor legislation in labor and employment.



HR consulting

We will help you with the registration of all documents relating to the work with the staff, we will support in matters related to the application of labor laws in the field of HR administration.

  • Consultation on the application of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Creation of regulations governing the operation of the company
  • Help in documenting complex cases , counseling in labor disputes
  • Advice on adapting corporate policies of global companies to the Russian legislation

How to order the services of HR consulting?

To order the service of HR consulting or ask questions please call +7 495 669-77-51 (Moscow Office)

or send your email to our HR specialist via