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Certification/Declaration of production

There are two type of Certification/Declaration of production: obligatory and voluntary.
Obligatory Certification/Declaration – this is a system of a product certification, which safety conformation is an exclusive requirement of a Law in technical regulation area. So, obligatory product certification use for quality and safety proof as for import and domestics goods and final document for it is Certificate/Declaration of conformity.
Declaration of conformity has a right to get Russian producers (executers, sellers) or incorporated organizations in Russia, who represent interests foreign producers (executers, sellers, suppliers).
Voluntary Certification/Declaration – it’s an official formed system, which use for goods whose obligatory quality approval don’t need under Law requirements.
Voluntary certification is subjected to the Law equally with other operating systems. This form of quality approval usually conducts under request of a producer (seller) or under request of a customer. For example, large distribution facilities before buy some product want to see documented quality approval even if there is no obligation for it.