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HQP employees

Highly Qualified Professionals (HQPs) are foreign nationals with a signed labour agreement with an employer – incorporated in Russia and receiving salary of not  less than 2 000 000 rubles gross per year.

The simplified work permit and work visa process was introduced in 2010 and was aimed at simplifying and speeding up the process for international companies executives and key specialists. In comparison with the standard work permit and visa process, HQP process is less bureaucratic and time-consuming.


Although, there are certain requirements which employers of HQPs should bare in mind:

-          Salary of an HQP specialist should not be less than 2 000 000 RUB gross per year;

-          Requirement to submit quarterly notifications to the Federal Migration Service regarding the salary paid to such specialist;

-          Requirement to submit notifications to the Federal Migration Service regarding grating of an unpaid  leave to such an employee for a period of more than 30 days a year;


Main advantages of HQP – process:

-          Income tax  of 13 per cent right from the start of employment, irrespective of time spent in Russia;

-          Processing time for a work permit and invitation letter applications is 14 business days;

-          The maximum term of the work permit is 3 years;

-          Family members of an HQP specialist can work in Russia, having received a work permit only, no visa renewal is required;

-          Local address registration is not required in case HQP specialist stays in Russia for less than 90 days, the same being true for their accompanying family members;

For further details, please contact our staff.