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Noble House Group provides the following services:

  • Full bookkeeping
  • Tax accounting;
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports;
  • Consulting on current issues in Russian legislation as part of support for accounting and taxing;
  • Preparation and compilation of reports for the parent company in required format; financial consulting;
  • Representing clients in tax authorities, foundations, other institutions and organizations.


Statements of an entity are the main indicator of financial and economic activities of the organization. It is the basis for decisions affecting the company’s activities for all interested parties (see scheme).



BookkeepingNoble House will help your company to understand the complex system of the Russian tax legislation regarding such basic tax as VAT, property tax, insurance premiums, taxes on income and others. Noble House, having many years of experience doing business in Russia, will help you to ease the administrative burden.


One of the key areas of our organization is Cooperation with foreign companies engaged in business in Russia. Our professionals have extensive experience in working with foreign clients (English speakers), mainly with the senior managers and financial controllers.


Great interest  to our clients is management accounting, which allows you to quickly:

  • provide information on the consolidated results of the business
  • Identify and assess the results of the individual lines of business, departments
  • Control over expenses
  • Create a presentation of income and expenditure and identify common trends
  • To plan and monitor the implementation of the budget maintain operational settlements with certain contractors , settlements between private entities.


BookkeepingWe will help to ensure that all aspects of your business in Russia are in accordance with local tax laws and accounting regulations.






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