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Legal services & trademark registration ®

Legal serviceDoing business in Russia, especially when it concerns companies with foreign capital doing regular international trade deals, is literally impossible without legal support. Diversity of applicable laws, rules and regulations create a necessity for a professional lawyer to watch over many aspects not only of a company establishing but also of ongoing matters. Additionally, structure of Russian legislation consists of several major areas, making it difficult to find a single lawyer specialized in all of them.

We in Noble House have a team of lawyers practicing in different areas of Russian law, which allows you to receive professional consultancy on any commercial-related question. We offer you the services below, but we are not restricted to them – Noble House is proud of being able to handle irregular situations and requests too!


Corporate law INCLUDES

This area includes everything necessary to establish, expand, modify, restructure and close a legal entity in Russia. In its frame you may order the following services:

- consultancy regarding best form to organize your business in Russia, requirements and liabilities;

- forming pack of documents required to open, modify or close OOO (limited liability company), branch office, representative office;

- facilitating translations, notarial actions;

- applying documents to Russian officials (Tax Office, Registration Chamber);

- obtaining necessary certificates;

- handling corporate documents (safekeeping, updating).


Civil law

Wide range of business-related matters are included into this law area, in particular we can assist your business with:

- checking and revising contracts offered by your partners (sale&purchase, shipment, lease, loan, real estate rent, agency, services and more);

- creating contracts from scratch according to your exact requirements;

- accompanying you to business meetings, if lawyer’s presence is required;

- creating information letters, inquiries, notifications and demands to state agencies and commercial partners;

- preparing court case (civil claims, debt collection, damage claims, employment disputes);

- representing your company in court;

- legal consultancy on the general matters.


Customs law

To bring goods for sale, demonstration, exhibition into Russia (or get them outside) you need to pass customs clearance procedure. With that you may get assistance of our foreign trade department, while legal department provides necessary basis for it:

- checking and revising import/export contracts;

- assistance with documents for company registration at customs;

- consultancy on questions regarding Customs Code of the Customs Union.


Labour law

Along with our HR department we will ensure that your relations with employees are adherent to the Labour Code of Russia. The following actions are specifically in the competence of legal department:

- checking and revising employment contracts;

- creating labour contracts according to your needs;

- legal execution of orders, instructions and directions for employees that you are planning to issue.

We will be glad to receive your questions and requests. Please please fill in the online form to contact our legal department.