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Business visa

In order to obtain a business visa to Russia it is necessary to first obtain business invitation letter and submit this invitation letter to the Russian consulate abroad in your home country or country of your permanent residence. The consulate issues visa on the basis of invitation letter.

Purposes of visit (Business Visa):

Business – Foreigners visiting government and commercial establishments for participation in negotiations of a crucial character (conferences, seminars, consultations, congresses) on trade and economic issues as well as for professional trainings in universities, Russian joint enterprises, Representative Offices of foreign commercial, financial, credit and other institutions, accredited with the respective Russian Ministries and authorities.

Commercial – Foreigners visiting commercial institutions for participation in resolution of specific commercial issues (negotiations, signing of contracts or their extension, provision of commercial services), as well as participation in auctions, exhibitions, and other commercial events.


Business visa


There are several types of business visa:

  • One-entry (30/90 days)
  • Double-entry (30/90 days)
  • Multi-entry (90/180/360 days)

Foreign nationals, having received multi-entry visas can reside on the territory of Russian Federation not more than 90 days out of each 180 days.


If you want to apply for invitation letter please fill in the Questionnaire