CertificationFor many years, Noble House has supported its Clients in the field of import into Russia. An important part of the import process is the certificates required by law when importing into the territory of Russian Federation.

Such certificates are documentary proof of the conformity of your product to quality standards, that it is safe and can be freely used on the Russian market. Currently most goods which are present on international and Russian markets need to have obligatory certification. If a manufacturer or importer does not obtain a certificate for such good according to Russian law, this is an administrative violation. If goods are not subjected to obligatory certification you could, in order to increase competitiveness, choose to make voluntary certification.

We understand very well how complicated the process of certification is for foreign company working in Russia. That is why Noble House makes maximum efforts to get the highest efficiency and simplicity in our communications.

Concluding the foreign trade agreement you should include the obligation of the foreign supplier to provide, if necessary certificate or declaration.

Certificates / declaration are submitted to the customs along with the cargo customs declaration and these documents are necessary in order to obtain a permit to import goods to Russia.

Certification also gives other advantages to manufacturers and importers.

First of all, product certification can help manufacturers and importers to sell their quality products, having competitive advantages over their competitors.

Secondly, certification offers piece of mind to the users of such products, knowing that they buy a safe, reliable product.

Noble house can organize the process in such way that you receive your certificates in the shortest possible time. During the process of certification we cooperate with many official Russian organizations and our volumes help us to offer our clients affordable prices for this service.

Our staff is qualified to process applications for certification and approvals for many types of products including GOST (technical regulations), Hygiene, Fire Safety, Pattern Approvals and certificates for Medical equipment and appliances.

Noble House Group provides assistance in obtaining all of the above mentioned certificates!

We are trusted by international companies for more than 12 years!

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